The Blueprint Sessions is a podcast for exceptional founders of exceptional startups that are disrupting the real estate industry.

The goal is to provide a space for real estate startup founders to tell their stories to those who most need to hear them – potential investors, business partners, and forward-looking industry influencers. Besides the financials and the strategy, we’ll explore the human stories of the incredible entrepreneurs who are creating the future.

As a reminder, the podcast panelists are:

  • Rob Hahn, Managing Partner, 7DS Associates
  • Albert Hahn, ex-startup founder and ex-Head of Google for Startups Korea (who also happens to be Rob’s brother)
  • Lynette Keyowski, Managing Partner of REACH Canada, NAR’s accelerator arm.

After Bryan Copley from CityBldr served as the inaugural guest, Episode 2 featured Brian Gaudio from Module, Emir Dukic from Rabbu for Episode 3, Atticus LeBlanc from Padsplit was the guest for Episode 4. Padsplit is a marketplace for shared housing bringing inventory online by creating co-living environments that are safe, attractive, and respectable — a much-needed tool to help fight an affordable housing crisis that isn’t getting any better.


Without further ado, listen/watch Episode 4


If you’re a founder looking to be profiled in a future episode, please apply for the GEM.