Helping others changes you. Seeing the impact your money has on those less fortunate than you changes you. Seeing poverty with your own eyes changes you. The harsh realizion that the way we live in the United States is a fairy tale to the majority of the world is the largest reason I set down the path of creating Horizon. I believe more people should live their life with that understanding. Those who understand this diverse world we live in in a deeper way than through the lens of mass media live your life differently than those who don’t. I believe lack of community is the largest reason most people don’t travel; they are scared sh*tless to travel alone. We’re aiming to make community accessible wherever you may be, regardless of what groups/networks you belong to.

I’ve written about Give Back Homes before. I’m a huge fan, because they believe what I believe…that there is more to life than making money. Part of what they are doing is taking people in their network on actual visits to see the impact their support is having on the ground. Their next trip is to Nicaragua from May 5 – 9. What are they going to be doing?

Building a home for Josefa and her family.

Josefa is a 68 year old woman known for her contagious smile & kind heart.

Josefa has worked as  a maid her entire life, and during the harvesting  season she would also  work in a sugar mill to support her family. Now that she is too old for  physical labor, she spends her days taking care  of her granddaughter  and receives $55/month in retirement pension. She currently lives with her three sons, two daughters and one granddaughter.

Their current structure is made of old wood and metal scraps,  and it’s unsafe for them to continue living there.

A new home for Josefa and her family will mean a  healthier, happier life for  generations.

Who is making the journey to Nicaragua?

Caroline Pinal (Give Back Homes)
Blake Andrews (Give Back Homes)
Rebecca Brooks (San Francisco)
Joel Burslem (1000 Watt)
Audie Chamberlain (Partners Trust in LA)
Matt Curtis (Madison, Alabama)
Madison Hildebrand (Malibu)
Carrie Hill (Dallas)
Jeri Moran (Atlanta)
Shaun Rawls (Atlanta)

If you’re interested in joining a future trip with Give Back Homes, contact Caroline Pinal at caroline[at]givebackhomes[dot]com.