REAL QUICK, in case you are coming late to the party (which I never recommend, because all the best hors doeuvres are gone and you are left with finger sandwiches) here is where it all started….

“Web 3.0 – A Post Intended to “Define” & “Design”, – Original Post Nov 2nd

Web 3.0 – Discussion #1 – “OMG, I Never Thought of That!”  #2 Nov 20th

Web 3.0 – A Series of Posts Intended to “Design” & “Define” – Question #1 Discussion #3 Dec 3rd

OK, now let’s look at the responses to Question #2…

Is there any harm in discussing Web 3.0 now?, and Why did we pick the moniker Web 3.0?

Zane Burnett – “Yes it can do harm, here’s my analogy of why…It’s like playing a game of Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey with no Donkey! so at the end of the day, all you have is a wall full of holes”

Jay Thompson – “Naming it is stupid! it is what it is. I see us setting ourselves up for disappointment. It doesn’t really mater though, because we can’t stop it”

Me – (commenting on a Chat room quote by Chuck Reynolds; “Talking about it means nothing, being the guy who invents the next Twitter, is where its at”) “That’s my point, names don’t matter! It’s conversations like this that matter. We are getting in the game. and I would disagree about not knowing what it will look like, we do know, or at the very least, may know. It will look like our visions, our needs, our desires and someone much smarter than I am will make those visions a reality. It will be [The One] that Kevin Kelley refers to in his video (The next 5,000 days of the Internet). Think in regards to the movies I referenced in post #2 in this series. These were all just visions, thoughts, dreams and now they are reality. Like the cell phones we now all take for granted as part of our everyday lives are simply the “communicators” Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock were using in the TV series, some 30 years ago!”

So what can we take from this? We all agree that it’s coming. Some may feel that we are premature, or out of our realm, which may or may not be true. What I is true is, you can sit back and let others shape this, or you can “get in the game”.

“Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play”!

…and for the next “Gifted” individual who is looking for “The next Twitter” as Chuck referenced, I want my Tweets and FB updates etc to appear on my car’s Nav Screen! That would be totally cool!

Next Post, question  #3 – They say that in the next generation, the Web will be “Curated”, what does that mean?

The Coach – Business Development Rep for “The Pango Group”