Last week, Greg Fischer pondered what should come with houses:

I wonder if anyone else finds it strange that resale homes convey with dozens of systems like furnaces, flooring, and fixtures yet don’t have warranties against most, if any, of the items responsible for the safe operation of our homes?

PayPal offers purchase protection. The Mayfair Hotel leaves a chocolate on the pillow. Jaguar automobiles come with five years or 60,000 miles of complimentary maintenance.

What should we include in a real estate sale?

Drew asked whether equity sharing with clients is the next great real estate opportunity:

Those who follow the sharing economy may have seen the news that Airbnb petitioned the SEC to allow hosts to get equity


In the September 7th Weekly Radar, I mentioned this:

There are a few interesting nuggets if you dig into Uber Real Estate: “Our clients have the privilege of receiving equity options when they complete a transaction. They are, in fact, limited partners and lifetime clients,” and “Our associates have equity participation based on performance metrics.” The agent side of that is not new (eXp, Compass), but making clients equity partners is a proposition not often mentioned.

The innovative twist isn’t that there is consumer side of the equation. It’s consumers gaining equity in businesses they patronize. I’ve never heard of a real estate company making their clients limited partners. Homeowners with an added incentive to spread word of mouth beyond trusting their brokers to handle the initial transaction can only be a boon for savvy real estate businesses.

Weekly Radar Sample

The third annual Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends was released this week. One trend I thought was interesting was this idea of the DSIY “do some of it yourself” seller. After a solid decade of home improvement television and educational content online, it seems like sellers are tackling high impact work like home improvements (50%) and pricing research (39%) before contacting an agent, while still relying on agents to do the heavy lifting operations like paperwork (78%) negotiations (75%) and finding interested buyers (72%). Younger urban and first-time sellers stand are the most frequent DSIYers, a growing demographic of users “who work with an agent and participate in five or more selling activities close the sale almost two months sooner than sellers who do fewer than five activities.” I think the DSIY trend is a positive outcome that shows consumers are benefitting from educational real estate endeavors.

Zillow Research identified a number of rentals trends, the most striking that nearly half of renters can’t accommodate an unexpected $1,000 expense. While most rent increases are tied to market demands, it’s worth noting that “nearly 8 in 10 renters (78%) who move from one rental to another experience a rent increase prior to their move. For about two-thirds (69%) of those renters, the decision to move is tied directly to a rent increase.” Additionally, they found that families with children under 18 fill out 2.4 times as many applications (4.8 applications on average) as solo renters – an opportunity in front of the leading property management platforms to capture more revenue and streamline the process at the same time. -GF

Offering the homeless a house and a job? Awesome, sign me up for supporting any initiative that does that in tandem, or even any initiative that offers one or the other in a silo. Turns out, that’s exactly what Chris Finlay from Middleburg Real Estate Partners has figured out. He started hiring people who’ve lost their jobs and homes as property managers–and have them live for cheap on-site. He saw so much potential, he took it to the next level by starting Shelters to Shutters to connect other property companies with candidates in other cities.

H/T to Dominic Zabriskie from CREtech, who shared this on Linkedin the other day. -DM

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