Are you a listing agent?  I sure am not.  Rather, I am a marketing agent.  I don’t list property.  I create strategic marketing plans.  I directly influence the sales process on behalf of sellers.

The word “listing” completely devalues the work of an effective real estate professional.  Anyone can list property.  A minimum wage worker can list a home for sale.  My assistant can list a home for sale.  Heck, a computer can most likely list a property for sale through an automated system.

A listing is essentially a commodity.  A listing can be done by anyone.  That is why I am not a listing agent.  Listing agents get their commissions reduced.  Listing agents can be replaced.  Listing agents are all the same and must compete on fee.  Listing agents are most certainly not worth the many thousands of dollars they are often paid.

I am a marketing agent.  Marketing agents create strategic plans to have the greatest influence on price for their home seller clients.  Marketing agents have unique ideas that create real value.  Marketing agents are worth more than their pay.  Great marketing agents are irreplaceable.

Think about this and make a change in your language.  The change will make your presentations more compelling and your value undeniable.  It is a winning mindset that you must either adapt or you will inevitably become just another real estate agent.  You decide.

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