There was an article recently in Inman about the New York Real Estate Tech Startups meetup that took place recently, and 60 people attended.

If people in New York attend an event such as this (there are 434 people in their meetup group) — then I have to imagine there would be enough of a techy crowd in Seattle (Zillow, Redfin, Estately, MarketLeader and a number of tech savvy agents and brokers) and other cities for something similar?

A couple questions:

  1. Are you interested in attending a real estate tech startup meetup in your area?
  2. If so, would you like to receive an alert every time there was a new event nearby?
  3. What would you want to learn at such an event? Who would you want to meet?

Lastly, for those in Seattle (where I am right now), I’d love to hear whether you have interest in organizing and/or attending an event in the next couple months? I have a relocation app idea that I’d love some feedback on. Surely, you have a few ideas about strategic initiatives you are thinking about that you’d like to discuss with other knowledgeable individuals?

Shameless Oh Hey World plug: From my experience, surfacing all the other real estate tech geeks nearby is the starting point to meetups. If you don’t know who is nearby who shares your interests, you don’t know who to recruit to a meetup. So check-in to Oh Hey World with your location so you can find other members nearby.