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A Video Response to ARG's Listing Syndication Decision

Here is a video response by Fred Glick to the Abbott Realty Group’s decision to pull their listings.

This is going to be an ongoing discussion for most of 2012 I would guess, as brokerages and agents around the country decide whether or not listing syndication makes sense for their businesses (I think it does).

[via AGBeat]

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  • Fred could have taken a little bit more time on this response video. Even though Abotts video and points are silly and misguided, he obviously prepared very well for it and I watched the entire thing. Freds was a tough video to watch for 11 mins, even though I agree with most of his points. Just my .02…

  • Fred makes good points, but I’d agree with Greg.  It was hard to watch.  Halfway through it started to feel condescending.  11 minutes is too long, I could’ve read these points in 3 minutes.  Video can be a great tool, when it’s done correctly.

  • Anonymous

    I made it through the 2 minute mark before I couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Thanks for making clear points that many Brokers don’t or can’t see.  We need to expose out listings and we need good buyer brokers.    

  • BG@con

    Wow! someone just came out with a “Rock” solid rebuttal to Fred’s video, must watch, very compelling. 

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