Listing syndication is back in the industry purview: GLVAR (Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors) is stopping facilitating the syndication of listings to 3rd parties (notably, Zillow and ListHub).

Thus, agents/brokers who want their listings on Zillow (and elsewhere) will have to either manually upload them or provide a XML feed (which will likely cost them money in development costs).

Here’s the video explaining GLVAR’s decision:

The goal of this post is not to debate the merits of syndication. I’ve always been in the camp of “If the goal is to sell the damn listing, then you should put your listings anywhere/everywhere that attracts potential buyers.” I still am.

The goal is to highlight the fact that GLVAR’s decision adds development complexity, head-ache, and dollars to the live’s of its agents/brokers. A few thoughts:

  • Postlets no longer exists, as it’s been rolled into Zillow Rental Manager. Does this news signal a new opportunity for Syndafeed and vFlyer?
  • MLS/website vendors should, in theory, be able to generate an XML feed for their broker/agent clients. Which vendors currently offer that functionality as a built in feature for your clients?  I’m thinking I need to do a 2018 version of the 2007 post.
  • Will we see the comeback of developers wanted to build custom XML feeds?