Here’s a rough prediction for what will take the place in the listing syndication arena after the “ListHub-Zillow divorce” (for more analysis on the deal, read Rob Hahn’s thoughts here and here):

  • Zillow will continue to invest in their listing management and reporting dashboard.
  • Brokers & MLS’ will want an independent vendor that will send their listings to all portals, with no vested interest in any particular portal.
  • Companies like Bridge & ListTrac will focus on being unbiased as a point of differentiation, and gain traction with early adopters.
  • Postlets will get a boost in usage from agents and small brokers.
  • A new Postlets clone/competitor will pop up by someone (industry vet or new startup) who sees this as a new opportunity in a world without ListHub. Or someone like vFlyer who has an existing product will emerge with a substantial customer base.
  • Bridge or ListTrac or some other syndication competitor will gain a significant foothold in terms of MLS coverage.
  • A new portal (let’s call them “Portal A”) will strike deals with the leading 1 or 2 syndication vendors to populate their site with listings — and somehow convince a decent number of brokers/MLS’ to turn the syndication option on (remember, virtually every real estate startup needs listing data in bulk to survive long term)
  • Zillow will buy the largest vendor (just as Move bought ListHub)
  • The number 2 vendor will get bought (just as Move bought Point2)
  • “Portal A” will get mad they are reliant on a competitor for listings, and start their own syndication service

(Note this is likely to happen over a very, very long period of time…years, not months)

Tell me it ain’t so?