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Agent Match, Some Competition for HomeLight

agentmatchHomeLight (discussed previously here) has some competition in’s new Agent Match.

Their value proposition to sellers?

Sell Your Home. Compare and connect with the best performing agents in your neighborhood.

Northern Colorado (Boulder) and Las Vegas Valley are the two test markets for the service. Here is a random address results page I dug up in Boulder – seems to be fairly well done.

What do you think? And, as I mentioned in my previous post about Homelight, the real question is whether consumers will care? Consumers don’t know, what they don’t know.

Update: The home page should really, really be responsive. See this.

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  • Gabe Sanders

    I am really curious as to what metrics they use to judge the agents. I can show you a wide variety of different top agents depending on what criteria once chooses to use.

  • These kinds of systems are really interesting from a data perspective if they work right–and none of them have so far. I’ll be interested to see if they can clean it up, but there are usually so many issues with MLS data and proximity calculations that the results are not indicative of the actual “best listing agent” in a neighborhood.

    “List Price to Sold Price Ratio” is a bad metric. Everyone wants to use it. They love to try to make it valuable, but it’s just not. The agent who underprices homes and sells them quickly wins this conversation, not the client. The agent who works hard for two months and gets a higher price for his client, at 97% List-To-Sold, loses as well.

    As much as we’d love data to be able to explain every decision we make, it’s just not possible in an industry where every sale is so unique.

  • How accurate/reliable is the MLS data that sites like HomeLight use to drive their agent rankings/recommendations? Mostly accurate? Somewhat accurate? Nobody really knows? Curious…

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