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Bots, and Real Estate

Some of you may have heard the recent news Facebook launched a bot platform for messenger (see GeekWire post here).

FB bot platform

The developers/technologists reading should head over and learn more here:

What are some of the uses for the bot platform in a real estate context?

How about for answering basic questions about listings, and scheduling showings?

Buyer: I’m interested in 1511 2nd Ave N as a result of driving by it this morning on my way to a meeting. What middle school does this fall into?

Bot: McClure Middle School

Buyer: Great, thank you.

Bot: Are you interested in scheduling a showing this weekend?

Buyer: Yes

Bot: Would Friday, April 22 at 2 pm or Saturday at 11:30 am work?

Buyer: Yes, Friday afternoon.

Bot: Great. Your appointment with Joe Agent is confirmed for Friday at 2 pm. Joe can be reached at 206-555-5555.

It could certainly be more complex than that as well, but I think you get the general idea. I suspect we’ll see quite a bit of experimentation in this space in 2016.

What other bot ideas do you think would be valuable?

PS: If you’re a technologist building a bot and interesting in sharing more of the nitty gritty technical details of doing so in a guest blog post, please let me know by shooting me an email at drew at horizonapp co.

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