Most mornings, I ask Alexa about the weather and daily news. It’s replaced me using my oven timer (best feature by far). Unfortunately, Alexa/AppleTV don’t work together, or I’d use Alexa a lot more (have an AppleTV, and play a lot of music using the YouTube app). It’s honestly pretty useless for random questions, but that will get better over time (I’m sure Google Home is much better at that side).

At Inman, Rich Barton brought up an interesting question in his discussion with John Cook:

What happens when Alexa talks first?

I’ve been thinking on that a bit over the past few weeks as I wrap my head around AI/bots. Yesterday, he tweeted about it again:

In a real estate context, I have a pretty good idea what an “Alexa first” conversation in the morning might sound like…

There are three new properties matching your search that have come on the market. Two are in Queen Anne, and one is in Magnolia. Would you like to know more about them now, or check your email later?

Susy (aka your agent) has left a comment on one of them. She says “This one has a nice back yard big enough for Billy (aka your son) to play fetch with Molly (aka your dog).” Would you like to schedule a showing this weekend?

43 potential buyers toured your listing during yesterday’s open house. Would you like Suy (aka your agent) to call you to summarize?

You get the idea.

What do you wish Alexa would pro-actively tell/ask you? How far in the future do you think Alexa talking first is?