bots-aiThere’s a lot of talk about AI and bots. Much of it centered around increased conversion and acquisition.

Cool tech for the sake of tech is great.

But that doesn’t make it a business, nor does it make it a product consumers want (or need) to use.

What problem is AI/bot X solving for buyers and sellers? Is the solution/experience 10x as good as the present one?

It seems focusing on segments of the real estate industry where frequency of transactions are much, much higher — investing, rentals, home builders, etc — would be a smart approach.

Timing is part of this; bots and AI will impact the consumer residential sales segment in a massive way.

I’m just not sure we’re there yet.

When there is a massive consumer win — we’ll know bots/AI have arrived.

Some additional writings by others:

(please, please email me at drew at geekestatelabs dot com with compelling products — I’m trying to get my head around where AI/bots/VR are headed).