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immoviewer Creates Floor Plans From 360° Photos

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am February 6, 2018

There was some big news last week from one of Geek Estate‘s founding members — Jeff Turner, CEO of immoviewer US. No Measuring. We Do All The Work. We’ve been testing floor plan creation from the 360° images in your immoviewer 3D tours for several months now and we’re happy to announce their official launch. Beginning today, you can now order floor plans right from your desktop dashboard. And the only measuring you’ll need to do is from the floor to the center of your camera lens. Simple. Easy. … Read More »

Luxury Listing Video Examples

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am May 6, 2017

Following the conversation about listing videos a few days ago, thought I’d put together a few other examples… 1000 Flamingo Road, Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach: Point Place, Laguna Beach: Silicon Valley Estate, Los Altos Hills (via Jonathan Wilhelm with (I couldn’t find an embed option, click on the “Video” tab on the page linked above)

Examples of Listing Videos you Believe to be Well Done?

by Drew Meyers on 2:01 pm May 3, 2017

Here’s a slideshow video of a cool house I came across today: It’s a cool house (which is on 360modern), but lacking a bit on the execution side. My question for you, is do you have examples of listing videos (both full video or images stitched together) you think are incredibly well done? I’m looking for inspiration. If you’ve done a high quality video yourself recently, or have a link to one you’ve stumbled across in your own research for marketing ideas, please share in the comments.

Utah Cliff House – One of the Most Unique Properties I’ve Ever Seen

by Drew Meyers on 1:22 pm December 28, 2016

This post isn’t really “real estate tech” per say, but I came across one of the most unique properties I’ve ever seen — involving a “story”. A 2,100 square foot house built into a cliff in Utah. It’s selling on auction January 21st. Watch the video here: You can learn more about the property (and bid on it) via the website: Are you telling a compelling story about your listings?  

Fred Real Estate Group – A Fresh Approach To Bend

by Drew Meyers on 3:09 pm September 20, 2016

Fred Real Estate Group recently put out a A Fresh Approach To Bend video to showcase Bend (& their brokerage of course). Very well done…, and worth watching if you’re contemplating something similar for your brokerage.

Tour of Tacoma

by Drew Meyers on 1:16 pm June 17, 2016

More agents/brokers/teams should be creating videos like this… Well done, Anne and Marguerite. [via Greg Fischer]

Are You a Genius?

by Drew Meyers on 9:18 am April 22, 2016

For your Friday viewing/listening pleasure, Seth Godin…

Community Is Not The Goal

by Drew Meyers on 12:18 pm March 26, 2016

This is an old video I’ve watched before, but it’s worth watching again. For those that understand my commitment and investment into community, it’s no surprise why I love Jeff Turner so much. He gets community in a way virtually no one else does. Happy Saturday.

Virtual Reality, 360, 3D Video in Real Estate Industry

by Drew Meyers on 1:37 pm March 17, 2016

Those of you interested in Virtual Reality & 3D, should listen to the podcast from Wellcomemat… [via WellcomeMat]

Merry Christmas

by Drew Meyers on 5:00 am December 24, 2015

[Via JK Realty]

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