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by Drew Meyers on 10:56 am November 23, 2015


There are many, many people in the real estate industry who have WordPress powered websites. Most of those know there are two arms of WordPress. (self hosted, open source) and (hosted, not open source). The big news today is that is now open source (via Ben Thompson). That’s a big change by itself, but there is also another is a big change — it’s now Javascript based (Node & React) rather than PHP. More details on the release can be found here. I’ll be … Read More »

Want your next software purchase to ‘talk’ to your existing systems?

by Dan Moore on 11:47 am January 24, 2014

If you are a realtor or a broker, you probably evaluate and buy software on a regular basis. Next time you are doing so, ask if your vendor provides an API. You’ll be glad you did. Why? Well, first, let’s talk about what an API is. API stands for “Applications Programming Interface”–not very illuminating. What that means is that the software providing the API has a way to allow other software (applications) to interact (interface) with it, with no human involvement.  That is, the two … Read More »

Using Google Chart to Make Real Estate Charts

by Bryan Bartels on 6:05 am July 16, 2012

Google Chart real estate trend

Numbers don’t lie. Google Charts is an invaluable tool to display real estate trends that will help buyers gain market specific knowledge and information. With Google Charts it is easier than ever to show home value charts and graphs for your featured listings, neighborhoods, or condominium complexes.  Most likely, if you have an active real estate license, you will have access to your local area’s MLS or local listing data.  Typically with these MLS services, you can generate a plethora of different real estate reports. Using … Read More »

FancyBox, LightBox and Home Valuation Charts

by Murali Vasudevan on 3:24 pm December 19, 2010

As you all know, graphics adds glitter to any web site. I have shown in my previous post how you can use FusionCharts to create cool Mortgage Charts using the Zillow Mortgage API. In this post, I will show couple of free software you can use to light up your web site. FancyBox FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style “lightbox” that floats over top of web page. It is built using the jQuery library and is a … Read More »

What is Next for CyberHomes API Subscribers?

by Murali Vasudevan on 10:34 am December 6, 2010

In August, CyberHomes stopped offering their home valuation API services. I liked their APIs, especially the comparable sales and neighborhood info which were very useful to create visual charts and were used for analysis by many folks. In retrospect, I should have known this from their lack of direction in this area; I always consider that a well maintained support forum is a good indication of a healthy API program as evident from the Zillow API support Forum. My work was featured on Cyberhomes blog (now taken off line) … Read More »

Fusion Charts and Real Estate APIs

by Murali Vasudevan on 9:15 am December 3, 2010

There are real estate sites like Zillow, eppraisal and Trulia giving away information like the following via APIs: Mortgage rates (for all the states and national average) Various statistical info like history of home prices for zip codes, neighborhoods and states. If you do not want to use the widgets provided by these sites and would like to create cool, custom charts you may want to consider using Fusion Charts. Here is the mortgage rates comparison chart (obtained using Zillow API) shown using Fusion charts. … Read More »

Comparable Sales — and Widgets, APIs and Screen Scraping

by Murali Vasudevan on 9:58 am November 30, 2010

Recently someone contacted me and inquired about pulling comparable sales info from Zillow, Trulia, Eppraisal, Yahoo and Cyberhomes. He also wanted to sort the details before storing it in excel for further analysis. If it works well, he wanted to package it and sell to the realtor community. I told him that storing comparable sales data (or any other data for that matter) is against their Terms and conditions. Most of these providers (except Zillow and Eppraisal) do not provide APIs to get comparable sales. … Read More »

Open Beta Announcement for Local Market Explorer 3

by Andrew Mattie on 12:33 am August 26, 2010

I’m really happy to say that the version 3 beta of the Local Market Explorer WordPress plugin is finally available for everyone to try out. For those who don’t know what Local Market Explorer is, it’s a way to embed local area info from Zillow,, Walk Score, Yelp, TeachStreet, and Nile Guide directly into your WordPress-powered site in order to benefit your visitors and give search engines more content. You can see a demo of Local Market Explorer v3 on Geek Estate and on BankVibe’s … Read More »

Local Market Explorer v2 Beta Now Available

by Andrew Mattie on 9:25 pm October 1, 2009

The final release of version 2 of the Local Market Explorer WordPress Plugin is still a week or so away, but for the adventurous, we’re making available a beta version to try out. I feel pretty confident that there aren’t major bugs though, so you should be perfectly safe with the upgrade (if you’re currently using version 1) or install. The BIG change in v2 is that the plugin now supports loading data on both neighborhood AND zip code level. To see an example, take … Read More »

Some Updates from Onboard Relating to Their Listings API

by Drew Meyers on 5:19 pm September 3, 2009

If you’re interested in learning more about the Onboard Listings API I mentioned on Geek Estate in January (and again in March), there are two recent posts from the Onboard Blog worth reading: General Update Listings API FAQ They’ve announced two early partners – ListingPress & Z57. I haven’t seen an example implementation from Z57 as of yet, but have seen an early DEMO from ListingPress and was thoroughly impressed. Once there is an example implementation I can point to, I will.

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