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Curb Call + Realty One


Big news from Curb Call: they’ve pushed their product live, and signed Realty One as their first client. The deal is exclusive for four areas – San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas metro area, and Phoenix metro area.

Press release here.

For those of you who don’t know, Curb Call is an Uber for real estate — giving buyers the ability to summon a real estate agent of their choice (who is using the app and “available”) to show them houses. It helps agents connect with home buyers and get face to face with them, quickly.

I’ve written about the app before when he first built it at a Hackathon. I’m a big fan of Seth’s, think this is a win-win for agents and consumers, and wish him the best of luck with this venture.

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  • Seth Siegler

    Thanks Drew! Exciting times for sure!

  • Will be interesting to see the fruits of these labours. Uber works because it is a simple transaction of getting a cab quickly. Any cab will do. Just get me from A to B quickly. I wonder the value to agents of a needy house looker who just wants to use an agent quickly to get in a house and get on with life. I also wondering the value of an agent who can just show up and show a home on a moments whim when they may or may not know anything about the property/hood/school etc. I guess it’s like doing floor duty only with a bit more effort. Are the callers under buyer agency with another agent? Are they qualified financially?

    In my experience those who call on IDX listings really wanting to see “that and only that” home are the least likely to buy or even be able to buy.

    Guess time will tell how this experiment pans out.

    • That pretty much sums it up, Will. Very cool tech, lots of questions as to its effect on consumers’ view of an agent’s value and loyalty/behavior. It will be really interesting to watch, though. It’s probably best suited for a Redfin-type company who sends out “showing agents” all day who don’t write up any of the offers (at least in Seattle).

      • Agreed. Redfin should buy this from Seth 🙂

  • Chad McBain

    This came out of the Realogy hackathon I believe. Great to see it now a finished product only a few months later. Great stuff….might be useful for teams more so then single agents but we shall see.

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