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Keller Williams Launches 88,000 Agent Apps

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Keller Williams launched a mobile search app this week, essentially creating 88,000 branded agent apps (each agent has a unique download code).

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Props to them for tackling mobile — but I’m not sure if this is enough. Distribution is the problem when it comes to apps, not the technology. Thinking out loud…why would a buyer use an app from their KW agent when they already likely have the Zillow, Trulia,, or Redfin app installed?

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5 Responses to Keller Williams Launches 88,000 Agent Apps

  1. It could be useful if you have a super loyal client. One that wants to communicate with only you directly…. But I’m not really sure how often that happens in practice.

    • Drew Meyers says:

      Once you sign with an agent, aren’t you prohibited from getting advice from other agents?

      • No. You just can’t BUY with another agent. Most consumers don’t consider inquiring with a listing agent “cheating”. But you still shouldn’t do it- it can weaken your negotiating position by exposing your motivation. Also, I don’t think the majority of agents get buyer representation agreements upfront anyways. Most wouldn’t admit it, but they get them at the time that they write the offer.

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