Keller Williams announced an (AI) virtual assistant called Kelle last week, saying (among other things) “Through AI’s ever-increasing computing abilities, agents are able to access data like never before and gain even more insights. This allows them to better serve their clients, something pivotal to ensuring the real estate profession prevails against industry disruptors.

Here’s the Kelle promo video:

I still have concerns none of these AI powered assistants being launched lead to a better consumer/buyer experience than they currently get by speaking to a real human (see here and here):

AI/Chatbots may be good 40% — or even 60% — of the time, but nowhere close to 100%. And a chatbot that is accurate any less than 100% of the time is pretty useless, and annoying, to your average buyer or seller.

Turning toward the topic of the “new Keller Williams strategy” of being a technology company and not a real estate company, I agree with much of what Rob says. Alienating the entire industry is not likely a good strategy to winning. If they are planning to literally build all technology themselves, from lead to close, they have about, oh let’s say ZERO percent change of succeeding. Think of all the money Zillow has spent on technology development. Think of all the companies they’ve purchased (each of whom invested a decent chunk of change on their own technology). Even with all that money spent, they still don’t cover everything from lead to close, and are forced to (or choose to) partner with many other tech vendors. Bottom line, I’m not optimistic the largest franchise in the country can magically turn themselves into a real estate technology company. Head over and give Rob’s post a read for more to ponder.

If you want to see the talk being discussed for yourself, here are the 5 parts:

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