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A Little House Keeping: The Future of Geek Estate

I’ve been thinking a bit about the future of Geek Estate recently…and I’d like to get some feedback from the readers here. I’ve never spent much time trying to monetize this blog, but the fact of the matter is that it does take time to maintain. I’m just starting the fundraising process for the new app we are building which is a time consuming process, and at some point, I won’t be able to spend as much time as I do without some sort of incentive aside from just loving real estate technology.


  • For the founders, would a private “real estate tech founders” community be something you’d find enough value in to pay for? You can take a look at an example model for this in the travel vertical, which was recently started by Matt Zito at (I contribute travel tech content to his site every now and then).
  • Would you mind more ads?
  • What are your thoughts on sponsored posts?
  • For those subscribed to the email list, would you be opposed to a monthly email highlighting an offer from a vendor?
  • Would you donate to keep this blog running the way it is?
  • Do you know someone that would want to run/manage this blog, with the same mindset I do?

Feel free to either leave a comment, or email me your thoughts at drew at ohheyworld dot com.

PS: If your answer to the donate option was yes, below is your chance 🙂

About Drew Meyers

Founder of Geek Estate Blog / Geek Estate Labs. Zillow Alum. Travel addict & co-founder of Horizon. Social entrepreneurship & microfinance advocate. Fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiva.

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  • I thought the “meet the entrepreneur” posts were sponsored. You’ve had several lame landing page lead generator sites and that last one as a decision engine which just happened to have a very similar post on techcrunch the same day.

    Please feel free to have sponsored (and identified) posts.

    • Nope, the meet the entrepreneur posts aren’t sponsored. It sounds like you think the bar to getting on on the site is too low?

    • The time it takes to thoroughly vet & review each startup is the reason I can’t take that on right now. Even as is – from what I’ve heard, industry people generally like to hear about more companies that they otherwise wouldn’t know about. I agree – not all the companies covered are viable businesses long term or adding much value to the equation. But thanks for feedback..I’ll try to put a little bit more of a filter on them going forward.

  • mooreds

    I have a side project site that is about something I love and is useful to the community but doesn’t bring in any real money either, so I feel your pain. I consider it community service :).

    That said, I personally wouldn’t contribute any money for this site. More ads or sponsored posts are fine. You could try reaching out to some advertisers–it does seem like you have a valuable demographic here.

    • this site isn’t going to get abandoned…i care too much about it and have spent too many hours building it. But I can’t do community service forever 🙂

  • Jeff

    FYI: Google looks at sponsored posts as spam.

    • Yep, I know. Sponsored posts are at the bottom of the list for me…I’m not a fan, so really doubt I will start doing them here.

  • Lisa

    Sponsored posts? sure if they’re clearly marked as such and aren’t the bulk of the blog. Monthly promotional emails from a sponsor? Sure, with the same clear markings. Ads, yes as long as they’re relegated to the right rail and not running in-between original content such as Facebook does (a big pet peeve of mine).

  • More ads would be fine, we are not forced to click. Same with sponsored posts, we don’t have to read them if it does not interest us. Monthly emails would be OK with an offer from a vendor.

    I do find the blog helpful so I hope it continues.

  • So I just kicked in a few bucks so I don’t feel like a hypocrite, but I don’t think that’s a sustainable model. I don’t think anyone would mind more ads. Put contributors on a quarterly/monthly submission requirement at a minimum or they lose status/pay to get back in. That’s not asking a lot for the free platform. Keep the content flowing and everyone engaged, and the traffic would be attractive to a lot of RE vendors. Just my two cents (which is what I donated 😉 ).

    • Thanks Sam. Appreciate it.

      I don’t think donations are a sustainable model either..unfortunately

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