Since there is content posted both on the public Geek Estate Blog (founded in 2007) and within the the GEM (Geek Estate Mastermind), I wanted to take a minute to explain what the difference between the two are. I want to be fully transparent with goals for each.

Geek Estate Mastermind’s purpose is two fold:

  1. Curate the world’s most innovative and diverse community of real estate creatives, doers, and pioneers.
  2. Make our members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies.

Weekly Transmissions are focused on high-level macro trends, strategic analysis, divergent thinking, and objective probing at innovative ideas. Content is targeted at entrepreneurs, product strategists, business owners, and innovators. Its curators are operators, meaning our ideas, analysis, and thoughts are informed by years of industry experience. As a result of the distributed revenue model, rather than being funded by large sponsors, we are able to say things no one else will.

Example Transmissions: A Waking of the iBuying ElephantCertainty as a ServiceThe Undisrupted: A Portrait of Blue Collar AmericaRequiring Employers to Assist Employees with Housing Would Unleash Innovation, and Filling the Emerging iBuyer Vacuum.

Weekly Radars are a collection of news about real estate, startups, built world, and out of the box ideas that we synthesize and add context to. A curated view of the real estate and broader Built World landscape. A signal to pay attention to, with analysis and context as to why.

Example Radars: July 2022, November 2018.

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The goal of the Mastermind is to be the absolute best source of strategic analysis and curation for real estate innovators while promoting out of the box thinking that only comes from the inclusion of numerous diverse perspectives. All the while, connecting innovators with the people, companies, and ideas needed to grow.

Membership is limited to 1,500: smaller is better.

Membership is currently $139 / quarter

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Geek Estate Blog is a trusted source for real estate technology news and insight. Content focused more squarely for agents and brokers, especially if tactical rather than strategic, will be posted on the blog. Industry news, funding announcements, and product reviews will be published on the blog. The Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder/Exec interview series will continue as a regular feature. A weekly preview of Mastermind only content will be published to the blog (posted with the “geek estate members” tag). Guest posts from Mastermind members will be posted from time to time (they will have to pass an editorial review to ensure we’re not publishing marketing pitches). Occasionally, there will be sponsored posts (I don’t pro-actively pitch these, but will happily do them when it makes sense).

The goal of the blog is to help agents and brokers keep abreast on real estate technology while helping Mastermind members with industry exposure, thought leadership, and brand awareness.

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While the Geek Estate Blog has been around for a long time, my focus is to ensure that content in Geek Estate Mastermind is the best in the industry. I’m interested in serving members directly and building community, rather than building a huge audience needed to run a media company driven by page views. Without a subscription model, we would be just like every other publication — available to the highest bidder at a moment’s notice.

Thank you all for your continued support. Questions or comments? Let me know.