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Local “TrafficLab”, Powered by You (the Agent/Broker)

I came across the Seattle Times’ Traffic Lab this weekend. Specifically, this research piece — which led me to One Center City.

This data is all public.

My question to the industry: why aren’t you curating & delivering this content to local residents? Shouldn’t my real estate agent (if I had one) be the one ensuring I know everything I need to know about what’s happening in my city?

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  • Sep Niakan

    They have staff, funding, etc. Tough to offer as comprehensive of content as them AND offer real estate specific content AND sell properties. Also notice they have funding from large institutions for this project. Would it be as easy to get funding for a real estate agent or brokerage to publish that kind of work?

    • No clue… but (successful) real estate brokerages make a lot more money than local media organizations.

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