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Moving Email Subscriptions to Mailchimp

fail-strong-catOver the past few weeks, traffic has been slowly declining and I’ve noticed a slight decrease in comments.

I believe I finally realized the issue — emails for new posts stopped going out.

One of my (many) email addresses is subscribed, and upon publishing several posts the other day and not seeing an email from Feedburner the next morning like usual — I dug into the issue and realized the last email I received was from the post on June 24th.

Since then, I don’t believe anyone has been getting any emails about the new posts published (OHW’s Almost Eulogy, Knock, Hoodlines’ Neighborhood kits, etc).


As a result, we switched to MailChimp (my gut is Feedburner is a product no one at Google cares about anymore, as I haven’t noticed any improvements in several years).

Everyone who has ever received emails via Feedburner from Geek Estate has been imported to a new list & setup to receive new posts daily, as there wasn’t an easy way to filter out those with unverified or canceled subscriptions. If you are seeing this blog post via an email and do not wish to receive any further emails, please click the unsubscribe button below (and accept my apologies).


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