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myAVM for Millennials

Onboard Informatics has been working on a new AVM brand that was announced todaymyAVM.

My question is the same one I have about — do millennials really need their own AVM? I get that brokerages and agent want to integrate a white label AVM on their own websites — but if that’s the case, why bother with a “consumer brand” like myavm? Or, perhaps I’m not understanding something about the product and strategy behind it.

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  • So does this mean that if you are a non-millennial, you want reports that don’t “look good”?

    • I’m confused on branding. It seems to me — an avm is an avm. Honestly not sure why a millennial would think any differently about an automated home valuation than a baby boomer or anyone else.

      • I must be too old to understand. 😉 I think it’s a case of opportunistic branding.

  • onboard_informatics

    Drew! Love the conversation. It’s crazy, but over 42 million millennials own a home today. myAVM is a white label AVM that helps businesses capture valuable seller leads from this emerging market. When describing something like myAVM or as designed for millennials, it’s a shortcut to saying they have a more interactive, sleek, engaging, elegant design – because that’s what this group expects. Pretty soon, AVMs that look like book reports aren’t going to cut it. Love the piece and appreciate the opportunity to share.

    • So you’re not building any sort of consumer brand on myAVM?

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