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SEO – Building High Quality Backlinks Quickly and Easily

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, you are in for a treat. I am feeling particularly magnanimous this holiday season and figure this year I’m going to dish out some incredible ways to build backlinks.

As you all know, Search Engine Optimization, especially when it come to ranking high in the “big 3” – yahoo, msn (bing), and google, primarily revolves around the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site.  Here are a couple of great ways to build tons and tons of backlinks like a professional, without downloading any programs or spending a huge amount of time emailing webmasters, begging for links.

First things first, the easiest way to get a link to your site is to post a comment on a blog with your link in the comment, or your url provided so that your “name” is the anchor text for your link.  E.g. – “Hey, nice article on puppies.  I have a black lab.”  Enter your name, email, and website and presto! One backlink down.

The only problem with this is that some of these links don’t count.  Wait Justin, what do you mean some of these links don’t count?

Well, google devised this way of evening the playing field so that happy SEO nerds like me couldn’t merely comment a thousand blogs and then jump to the top for a given keyword.  This is done through inserting rel=“no follow” into the <a> tag (link code), and is automatically done by default by most blogging platforms: wordpress, blogger, typepad, etc.

Now a number of webmasters do not agree with this, and they have enabled “dofollow”, meaning they will give your link credit if they decide to approve your comment.

So, we don’t want to waste our time commenting blogs that don’t “dofollow”.  Firefox has a wonderful add-on that will show you which links are dofollow and which are nofollow:  Bon appétit!

Wait, Justin, knowing whether I’m going to get a good link for commenting a certain blog is awesome, but how do I find these blogs?

First things first, we want a high PR for our website, correct?  So lets ask ourselves, what kind of websites almost always have high pagerank that we can post a comments on?  Why .edu and .gov sites of course!

Enter this into google, of course replacing the word “keyword” with the phrase that you want to rank highly for: inurl:blog “keyword” inurl:blog “keyword”

As you visit each site, make sure your dofollow plugin is enabled.  When you find a good dofollow .edu or .gov site, note the site, and leave a good, relevant comment – DO NOT SPAM!!! – and every couple of days stop back by and comment another article.

You can do the same search for all other site types by merely searching google for:

inurl:blog “keyword”

Another great place to get backlinks quickly is DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites.  Here’s a list (in order of pagerank with alexa traffic rank).  Create an account, register or suggest your site, and watch the traffic start rolling in!

Pagerank 9

  • 694
  • 1,605

Pagerank 8

  • 574
  • 854
  • 2,027

Pagerank  7

  • 2,451
  • 3,331
  • 3,190
  • 4,098
  • 8,197

Pagerank 6

  • 3,836
  • 4,945
  • 11,499
  • 16,850
  • 23,528
  • 24,261
  • 31,217
  • 32,225

Pagerank 5

  • 3,185
  • 11,391
  • 12,748
  • 13,857
  • 18,583
  • 22,384
  • 23,051
  • 37,050
  • 40,811
  • 42,754
  • 60,200
  • 68,384
  • 91,077
  • 94,741

Pagerank 4

  • 1,321
  • 10,230
  • 11,312
  • 19,806
  • 22,255
  • 22,742
  • 23,275
  • 24,122
  • 24,989
  • 27,330
  • 33,282
  • 33,810
  • 38,085
  • 40,026
  • 47,978
  • 48,485
  • 52,491
  • 55,067
  • 60,218
  • 67,554
  • 83,239
  • 86,767
  • 14,140,955

Happy Holidays to all and I hope you use your new SEO Super Powers wisely! Next week I’ll be talking about CommentLuv, so check back here at GeekEstate regularly!

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  • “DO NOT SPAM!!!”

    Indeed! I am getting extremely tired of deleting comments on geek estate from people who are keyword spamming the name/link, and in most cases it's pretty obvious those people are just commenting for the sake of link building and have no interest in the actual conversation taking place. If you're not adding real value with your links, don't bother — you'll just end up tagged as SPAM.

    • I guess there is no other way to fight spam unless blocking the account from posting on your blog again or closing the comment on certain page of website.

    • If the comments are actual spam, mark them as such. On my blogs, I don’t care if people want to use their keywords as the names as long as they’re contributing some sort of relevant comment. It’s kind of funny though, I added a captcha that was required before submitting a comment for a while and my comments dropped from 100+ per day to under 10 per week. Traffic to the blog stayed the same, people just weren’t willing to spam like crazy if they had to fill out a word or two before they could submit each post.

      • Peter Boston

        If you are using WordPress doesn’t Akisment catch 99% of the spammers? As I understand it when a site owner reports a URL as spam the information goes system wide within

    • Taimoor

      Oh i’m sorry :p I also added my link but not just for link building! I’m really thankful to you for this list! 🙂

  • Justin Bartlett

    Just added a new post that I think you'll enjoy 😉

    • Msnger_001

      Paylaşımınız için teşekkürler

  • Les

    Thanks for the link to the NoDoFollow and the great ideas for building backlinks. Backlinks are the one thing I'm still struggling with for our site.

    • Justin Bartlett

      I have a list of a couple hundred sites your welcome to; e-mail me at

      • Chenhui201155

        I thank you are good 

    • I’

      • Sorry for the above post, it posted on accident. I meant to say that I too struggle deeply with finding good quality backlinks. I am glad I found your blog/resource and will be using it to the best of my ability to find new quality backlinks. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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  • “So, we don’t want to waste our time commenting blogs that don’t “dofollow”.”

    Commenting only for a link is the last reason (IMO) one should leave comment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with commenting simply for the sake of adding to the conversation.

    It's hardly a “waste of time” to join in a good discussion.

    Disqus is no-follow, so I guess every comment left here on Geek Estate is just a waste of time?

    • Justin Bartlett

      Agh! I'm so misinterpreted! Jay, I totally agree with you, please don't crucify me for typing at 100 WPM!

      • No worries Justin! (and can you loan me about 20WPM?)

  • geschenkefrmnner

    Very informative.Great ideas regarding backlinks.I also believe a good way to improve your search engine optimization scores and Google rankings is through building of backlinks
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  • Page rank is very important aspect of internet marketing. It helps to keep our site at the top of various search engines. Analyzing your competition could be a sensible place to begin when optimizing your internet site for search engine placement.

  • Speaking of keyword spamming the comment name…

    • I agree with Jay. Commenting is about adding to the conversation, SEO just happens to be an added bonus to commenting. However, not only does commenting add to the conversation, but also shows your expertise on a given subject. For example, if you leave a particular thought-provoking comment on Geek Estate, one may click through your name and land on your website.

  • pierrebatbatian

    AMAZING article, i've been looking for something like this for a very long time. i was about to buy the guide on about greating backlinks. probably not anymore.

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  • One of my blogs was listed on a Do Follow list, even though it's not and I get a ridiculous amount of spam comments. Majority of it's blatant spam! I can't stand comments that say “thanks for sharing”!

  • Thank you for the list, one thing I will mention is that there has been a bit of research that has shown that no-follow links are somehow counted by G. I've seen a few IMers get websites ranked for competitive keywords using only a few no-follow links.

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  • SanDiegoRealEstateAgent

    Is there a way to do a mass submission to all of these social bookmarking sites when I make a new blog post? Kind of like what Ping.FM does for social networking sites?

    • Yes there are automated submission programs in doing social bookmarking such as Bookmarking Demon but I suggest you do the manual submission because white hat techniques are love by most search engines especially Google.

      • How many article submiussions a week/month would be too many to the point where it would be considered spam?

  • chrisraines

    Youtube is a great opportunity for backlinks. The syndication service automatically creates videos with voice over for all your listings and posts them to Youtube, AOL Video, and of course all the Major Listing sites, plus they automatically post them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The result is 1000s of links back to your site.

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  • I have found lately that I don’t need ways to build tons and tons of backlinks. I have been using an plugin for Firefox called SEOQuake. With good search strings I can find great places for backlinks. Getting just a few every couple of days does wonders for my clients search engine placement.

  • Therefore, I install WP-reCAPTCHA plugin to mark the spam and delete them

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  • “No follow” comments also have relevance, especially if it’s from a high authority site such as Youtube. Having a mix of now follow plus follow links will ensure that your link building appears more natural to Google.

  • Hello Justin,
    I have read your article and really got many clues. First i learned how to do blog commenting on high pr sites ( I was clueless for searching dofollow blogs before ) and than i got many social book marking sites from here.
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  • Thanks for the list, but I generally only comment on things of interest. Sometimes I will check the source code if I really need a good backlink that is dofollow. However, most the time I just leave good tips, comments/content that adds value consistently. The blog owner will usually remove the nofollow attribute because excessive use can hurt their own rankings. If they never do, I take my tips somewhere else they are less self-centered. This results in me spending my time on things I enjoy as well as getting the backlinks I need over time. This is how it is supposed to be. Always just searching for dofollow backlinks is putting on the black hat all the time and results in uninterested people doing things they don’t care about. This is spam, unwanted comments. Spam never benefits over the long run.

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  • I personally think its important to mix and match with both “do follow” and “no follow”, but that’s just from my experience.

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