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SEO Trend Data: Growing or Shrinking?

Organic SEO traffic is an increasingly competitive user acquisition channel for brokerages/agents — especially as the big players gobble up organic slots with domains like I do wonder whether SEO as a whole should be a shrinking or growing area of strategic investment. Rand at Moz published some great trend data for those who think about SEO’s long term trajectory like I do (or do SEO for a living).

Two important take aways I noticed:

  • The 5.41 clicks/10 queries in October, 2017 is 23% lower than the 6.97 clicks/10 queries we had back in November, 2015. That’s a lot of lost SEO opportunity
  • SEO still gets ~20X more traffic than PPC, and it doesn’t cost anything close to as much, so there’s still a massive advantage to ranking organically

The data and his thoughts are worth reviewing in full.

Are you going to be investing in SEO in 2018?

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  • Sep Niakan

    Yeah, so the real question is how the F do the little guys (like me) get serious eyeballs! 🙂 I have sped up my site, chipped away at making it more user-friendly (about to launch some page redesigns), gotten some decent quality external links), publish market reports, publish high quality blog items, etc. My organic users are up 139% year over year, but flat to down since June or so. I think this is probably a similar challenge that many people have. It seems everyone’s answer these days is to go for the sure thing of PPC. I have done that too, but the opportunity for SEO is so big and so inexpensive if achieved. How to get ranked higher?!?!?? 🙂

    • It’s hard for me to say. I don’t follow the industry day to day like I used to while doing SEO for Zillow. A lot has changed, but a lot hasn’t. We can continue the discussion in the geek estate members group.

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