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Tag Archives: automated valuations

More on HouseCanary

by Drew Meyers on 9:45 am March 24, 2017

I’m on record as being a skeptic on HouseCanary. I thought I’d share a video of a presentation by their CEO, Jeremy Sicklick (via VendorAlley): After watching the video — I’m still a skeptic. It seems home price indexes at the block level is their differentiator. My question — who cares about block level analysis? Some investors, sure — but consumers? I don’t think so. Hasn’t Zillow already done everything HouseCanary is doing? [via VendorAlley]

Everything Wrong With AVMs in Two Pictures

by Ben Kubic on 10:09 am December 22, 2015

My company, Virgent Realty, sold a home in Atlanta’s hot Grant Park neighborhood just under three months ago for $492,500. The home had numerous showings its first weekend, and went under contract 5 days after we put it on the market. This morning, I was greeted with this email from Zillow: Note the $184,942 difference between the most recent sold value and the current Zestimate. After having a good laugh, I decided to give the new Redfin AVM a shot, since they claim to have the  lowest … Read More »

Are Trulia Estimates Too Little, To Late?

by Justin Britt on 1:08 pm September 9, 2011

National real estate player Trulia began its foray into the home valuation space yesterday. Trulia Estimates, as they’re called, are currently in beta and available for sold properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brian Boero of 1000Watt Consulting provides a thourough break down of the Trulia Estimate launch, so I won’t go any deeper. Instead I’ll focus on: What this move means to consumers, How it might affect the business side of things, What it means to SEO, A comparison of Trulia Estimates and Zillow … Read More »

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