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Tag Archives: craigslist

Where to Find “Easy Clients”. Sigh

by Drew Meyers on 5:17 pm May 16, 2016

I kid you not, the following was an inbound search term that found Geek Estate today: how to find easy real estate clients using craigslist Really? Are real estate agents really that lazy? If a client is going to pay you thousands of dollars in commission and you just want the easy button, why should they ever choose you? The answer: they shouldn’t.

Best Times to Post Real Estate Ads on Craigslist

by Drew Meyers on 8:18 am March 19, 2016

This morning I noticed the following search term in our analytics: best times to post real estate ads on craigslist Since I’m not an agent/broker using Craigslist, I obviously don’t have a good answer. Anyone reading have any tips to share based on your own 1st hand experience?

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