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The Giving Back in Real Estate Discussion

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am August 16, 2016

If you read this blog, and don’t know I’m passionate about giving back — well, you’re not really reading. While in San Francisco at Inman Connect, I attended the “Finding a Cause that Aligns With Your Brand” panel that included good friends Caroline (Giveback Homes) and Greg Fischer (Bend Station), along with Matt Beall at Hawaii Life and Gloria Castellanos at the Agency. In all seriousness, why hasn’t giving taken off? Why does it remain on the edges of industry conversation, rather than front and center? A few … Read More »

Walk a Mile

by Drew Meyers on 7:59 pm October 23, 2013

Go Walk a Mile, by Greg Fischer — go read it NOW. You will thank me later. Or not. I’ll be fine either way. You’ll be better off if you read it.

The Case FOR Not Having IDX on a Broker Site

by Drew Meyers on 5:01 am January 25, 2013

Greg Fischer just launched a new website, Yet one feature is surprisingly absent. IDX. It’s no secret most of “leads” from agent or broker websites are converted to contact information with IDX. So, is ditching IDX a risk? Sure it is. I’m guessing Greg’s reasons are as follows: Agents and brokers can’t compete on search against the Zillow’s and Trulia’s of the world, particularly with the growing cost of providing a killer search experience across mobile and tablets. Even if you spent the money … Read More »

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