Greg Fischer just launched a new website,

Yet one feature is surprisingly absent.


It’s no secret most of “leads” from agent or broker websites are converted to contact information with IDX. So, is ditching IDX a risk? Sure it is.

I’m guessing Greg’s reasons are as follows:

  • Agents and brokers can’t compete on search against the Zillow’s and Trulia’s of the world, particularly with the growing cost of providing a killer search experience across mobile and tablets. Even if you spent the money for that amazing search, the cost to attracting buyers to use it rather than Z, T, and R is too expensive.
  • His clients are already using Zillow, Trulia, or to search for properties
  • His value proposition is about more than helping clients find a property. It’s about overseeing the entire transaction and making it a seamless experience from end to end.
  • He doesn’t want to work a traditional “lead funnel”
  • He’d rather speak to buyers when they are actually ready to speak to an agent. Not 6 or 9 months prior to that.

Greg can clarify in the comments, or write a post on this topic from a broker’s perspective.

There are two sides to every story. What do you think? Are we going to see a shift to agent/broker sites without IDX search?