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Local News and Real Estate

by Drew Meyers on 9:07 am February 15, 2017

The New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal will find a way to survive, but it’s no secret local news has had a rough ride over the past two decades. Newspapers aren’t what they used to be. Some even say they are dead. There have been a number of startups try to bridge the local news gap, largely to no avail. and Patch got the closest. Blockfeed in NYC is the one I wrote about most recently. Turns out, making money from … Read More »

Why playing the Long Game Means Winning the Consumer

by Drew Meyers on 1:44 pm September 16, 2016

From a guest post I published on Inman: The hardest part of running any business is finding customers. Real estate is no different. One way or another, as a broker, you’re going to spend money to attract clients and leads. You pay in either time or money. Although I understand the need to balance short-term and long-term lead generation as a way to ensure there’s food on the table next month, it continues to puzzle me to see the industry make so few investments on long-term … Read More »

The long game

by Greg Fischer on 3:40 pm October 15, 2013

I recently listened to Seth Godin’s podcast “Startup School” on iTunes and reflected on my last few years running a real estate business. Not too long ago, I made a commitment to open a brokerage in which I ended up testing many different strategies and advertising mediums to drum up business along the way (most of which required much more time, money and creative capital than what was ultimately accomplished implementing them in the first place). What I realized listening to Godin was that I … Read More »

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