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2014 Map Search IDX Roundup & Review

by Mike McGee on 6:04 am July 21, 2014

I mentioned in a previous post that I intended to do a video review of several IDX products with a primary focus on their map search capabilities. This turned out to be a much longer project than I had expected, hence the delay, but I’ve finally got it done. Before jumping into the video, I want to touch on why I wanted to do this. In the introduction to the video, I discuss why I think map search is still relevant.  Indeed, I think it’s … Read More »

Microsoft's new Street Slide blows away Google Maps Street View

by Tony Kawaguchi on 9:45 am August 19, 2010

Absolutely amazing new map technology will soon be released from Microsoft. You must watch this video to understand how Street Slide could make you stop using Google Maps. Think about it – you could make a street level tour of a neighborhood for a potential buyer and incorporate it into your listing for people who aren’t familiar with the area. In the world of maps, this may be a game changer. Watch the video and consider the possibilities for selling real estate! Microsoft Street Slide

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