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vous voir à la Nouvelle Orléans – See you in New Orleans

by Michael Price on 6:11 pm November 3, 2014

I’ll be representing GeekEstate blog in New Orleans this week at the annual NAR Realtors Convention & Expo. The event will take place the 7th through the 10th. This year’s conference, “Realtors® in Full Swing,” is expected to draw more than 17,000 Realtors® and guests. If you’re planning on attending and have a scoop regarding real estate technology & marketing, ping me on Twitter. I hope to see you there! Mike Price Flickr Photo By Erik Larson

NAR Gains Control Of .realestate TLD Service

by Michael Price on 9:13 am October 6, 2014

nar wins rights to sell new tad .realestate

Recently NAR announced that they had “won the rights” to offer .realtor as a top level domain. Today they have announced they have also garnered control of .realestate as an additional TLD service offering. They said that “business rules” and pricing of the domain would be available in Q2 2015. Over the past few years a slew new TLD’s have been provided to registrars, none have created the kind of “land rush” that was expected. You’ll certainly see the first half million .realtor domains go … Read More »

NAR President Sends FAA Position Statement on Use of Drones

by Michael Price on 10:32 am September 24, 2014

Yesterday NAR president, Steve Brown, sent the FAA a statement letter on NAR’s position in the use of drones in real estate marketing (along with an education on using the REALTOR® trademark). NAR sees the use of the technology as a “game changer” in the marketing of real property. What are your thoughts? Game changer or just another nifty listing enhancement? Here’s the letter Mr. Brown sent yesterday: September 23, 2014 Michael P. Huerta Director Dale A. Stinton Chief Executive Officer Federal Aviation Administration 800 … Read More »

NAR: Stop helping Zillow and hurting Realtors!

by Bryn Kaufman on 5:25 pm September 15, 2014

Realtors, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Are you getting multiple years of sold listings in your IDX feed? I believe the answer to that question is no, because I have never found an IDX feed that had multiple years of sales history included. NAR’s IDX and VOW rules make it difficult for 99% of the Realtor’s websites out there to show sold listings. This is a huge advantage for Zillow. They show sales history going back over 25 years, and consumers love to … Read More »

How Can NAR Win Against Zillow?

by Drew Meyers on 8:13 pm August 5, 2013

There has been a long discussion taking place all day on FB as a result of Zillow announcing they are facilitating a live Q&A with President Obama on Wednesday to discuss housing. The fact that NAR is not the facilitator of this was brought up, which brought the NAR vs Zillow debate upon us. From the TurnOn! FB group: Okay, let’s try this – a little challenge similar to the sorts of challenges I encountered in college marketing classes: You are part of Nobu’s marketing … Read More »

Can MLS Companies Level The Playing Field?

by Justin Britt on 3:22 am March 29, 2011

Realtors hold all the cards (MLS data), but are aggregators squeaking out the win? – photo credit Recently, a Hawaii MLS company (who asked to remain anonymous) audited Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers and informed me of a few RETS rules and regulations we were violating. The MLS technician assisting me (we’ll call him Kimo) was very helpful, clearly explaining the fixes needed. Once in compliance, my competitive nature had me checking to see if other Hawaii real estate websites were also following RETS rules and regulations. Some … Read More »

RSS Feeds & Real Estate Leads – Really…"Kiss Your 'RSS' Good-bye!"

by Justin Britt on 5:39 pm May 25, 2010

When Eric Bryant wrote the original Kiss Your “RSS” Good-bye, he was referring to RSS feeds being a thing of the past as social networking sites like Twitter provided a filter for really good articles, “Kinda like a ‘Human Aggregator’”. I thought this was a smart observation, but Eric’s post had to do with RSS feeds as they pertain to blogs and the reading of real estate articles. Today, I’m here to talk about RSS feeds as they relate to MLS data. RSS Feeds + … Read More »

Can I Get A RETS Feed?

by Justin Britt on 12:15 am April 27, 2010

I got some great news the other day. One of my local MLS’s finally became RETS compliant. I could now get new properties updated to my site every few hours. I was stoked. The call to the MLS was made shortly after hearing the news, hoping to have RETS up and running within the week. My sales rep picked up the phone and I asked if I could cancel my FTP and XML feeds, and replace it with RETS. “But we don’t offer a RETS … Read More »

REBarCamp – It's ALL about YOU!

by Brad Andersohn on 9:16 am September 20, 2009

REBarCamp – It’s ALL about YOU! Since the very first REBarCamp which started in San Francisco, CA just over a year ago, we have watched and witnessed it become a National Event.  It’s spreading like wildfire.  Every major city in the Country will eventually host one of these and for a very good reason.  REBarCamp is the unconventional un-conference for the Real Estate Industry Professional. “They have evolved into a place for conversations as opposed to presentations.” Once you attend one of these, you’ll find … Read More »

Can MLSs help Fannie Mae help the market?

by Brian Larson on 3:15 pm December 15, 2008

I attended the Legal Counsel Seminar at the National Association of REALTORS® convention in Orlando in November. One of the speakers there was Marcel Bryar, deputy general counsel and vice president at Fannie Mae. He spoke about Fannie Mae’s efforts to prevent foreclosures, handle short sales better, and handle foreclosures better. One thing he mentioned was that Fannie Mae is approaching MLSs to obtain listing data from them. MLS data is my life, so his comments naturally piqued my interest. Here is what I think … Read More »

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