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Homesnap + Broker Public Portal: The Unofficial Why and How (and the case for more PR)

by Sam DeBord on 11:04 am January 23, 2017

Homesnap and Broker Public Portal

I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about the direction and makeup of the Broker Public Portal and its relationship with Homesnap. I have no direct influence or investment in either group, but plenty of interest. Let’s clear the table first—some of these questions come from a great post/discussion earlier here on GeekEstate, others I’ve heard out in the field. Unofficial answers about the Broker Public Portal and Homesnap (caveat emptor): Why? Brokers want a national search experience for consumers in which the brokers control … Read More »

The National Broker Public Portal?

by Drew Meyers on 7:30 am December 31, 2014

Some of you may have seen this NBPP (National Broker Public Portal) proposal: A few thoughts: This just sounds like rebuilding Zillow, 10 years late. How exactly will such a portal attract buyers away from zillow/trulia? What’s different/unique? Note Cyberhomes for an example of how that strategy has worked in the past. Once the 7.6-12.5 million is invested, what is going to be invested going forward to innovate/compete? Where is the money going to come from? Is there a defensible moat that would make this an interesting … Read More »

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