Some of you may have seen this NBPP (National Broker Public Portal) proposal:

A few thoughts:

  • This just sounds like rebuilding Zillow, 10 years late.
  • How exactly will such a portal attract buyers away from zillow/trulia? What’s different/unique? Note Cyberhomes for an example of how that strategy has worked in the past.
  • Once the 7.6-12.5 million is invested, what is going to be invested going forward to innovate/compete? Where is the money going to come from?
  • Is there a defensible moat that would make this an interesting business? I don’t see one.
  • Up to date listings is not enough by itself. Look no further than the downfall of for proof of that.
  • Mobile strategy? Crickets.
  • As I outlined, one potential strategy to take on Z/T is go recruit a team of industry all-stars to pull it off. If this initiative could somehow recruit everyone on that list, they would have a chance. Sadly, the chances of recruiting all those people? Zero.
  • I’m not convinced any technology provider in the real estate industry can execute on this in a way that will succeed. Sure, they can build technology – but that doesn’t correlate to a great consumer product. See this for some prior related thoughts.
  • What product visionary cares enough about this project to make it work?
  • Why not just buy Estately?

There are products I feel could make a dent in Zillow’s dominance (see this and this). NBPP isn’t one of them.

And, with that, have a Happy New Year!