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More Mail, More Money: Leveraging Direct Mail with QR Codes for Better ROI

by John E. Miller on 5:41 pm August 8, 2011

Just about every real estate professional I know has used direct mail at some point in his or her career. The reasons are obvious: Direct mail can be infinitely personalized; is relatively affordable; is low-tech enough for mass consumption; and delivers a pretty decent return on investment. (Especially if the direct mail campaign is used to target specific neighborhoods in which the real estate agent is a specialist.) There are ways to make this marketing strategy even better, though, and that incorporates using some of … Read More »

Google's URL Shortener Now Also Generates QR Codes

by Michael LaPeter on 10:33 am April 8, 2010

I just heard about this and thought it might be useful for agents out there using QR codes on their sign riders/ flyers etc: Google’s URL shortener,, now automatically generates QR codes.  Matt Cutts wrote about it and provides an example here: Matt Cutts Google QR Codes Google doesn’t seem to have fully rolled out their URL shortening service yet (there’s no signup or obvious way to use it from their page at, but I know at least one way to use it is by … Read More »

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