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Tag Archives: real estate search

Finding Clients the Perfect Home, Efficiently

by Drew Meyers on 1:28 pm April 27, 2017

There’s a lot of “crap” to wade through when searching for a home. Over the years, I’ve had many many conversations with folks in the industry (both brokerages & vendors) working on approaches to more efficiently find buyers the perfect home online. But here’s the thing. What if, heaven forbid, that’s not actually a problem in need of solving? What if buyers don’t want you to find them the perfect home? What if they actually enjoy looking at tons and tons of houses? What if THEY want to … Read More »

Is the Post-Internet Real Estate Search Experience Better or Worse?

by Drew Meyers on 10:58 am August 11, 2016

Brian Boero from 1000Watt has alluded to a theme in previous writing (I can’t remember the exact post though to link to): The post-internet-enabled real estate experience is worse than before. He mentioned that again on an Inman Connect panel I saw last week in San Francisco. Greg picked up on it as well. There are two big components to the “real estate experience”: the search process, and the transaction (which I’m not discussing in this post). Prior to the internet, your search experience was either walk/drive around … Read More »

The Future of Search….and Bots

by Drew Meyers on 3:30 pm May 10, 2016

You may have read the recent post on Inman (subscription wall) about bot vs broker when sourcing homes for a buyer to tour. It says, in an unscientific test, the bot can more accurately recommend the properties buyers will like viewing in person. I wrote a post several years ago about the future of real estate search, and how I believe it’s less is more, and you. Maybe I’m wrong — but I still believe there is an opportunity for agents to play a meaningful part … Read More »

Five “Calls to Action” That Can Compliment the “Home Search” Function on a Website

by Troy Schuricht on 1:18 pm July 18, 2014

One of the most important aspects of a realtor’s website will always be the call to action. Typically paired up with the “Home Search” function on the same site, the call to action is designed to come at a pivotal moment in the sales funnel in a manner that can help guide potential customers in the appropriate direction. Just saying “Click here to find out more” or some variation, however, isn’t enough to make a long lasting impact. There are a variety of different call … Read More »

Why Home Search Call to Actions Fail

by Troy Schuricht on 6:47 pm June 25, 2014

As a real estate agent, you need to use the perfect mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics to generate traffic and attract new clients. With so many sellers’ agents advertising their services and their home listings on the World Wide Web, it can be very difficult to communicate to a target audience without having to worry about losing a majority of the audience to the competition. If you want your website visitors to skim your landing page and ultimately search for homes through your … Read More »

Real Estate Search: Why Agents Don’t Need To “Win”, Just Earn

by Sam DeBord on 9:12 pm January 20, 2014

real estate mobile search

Drew wrote a great piece earlier on the state of real estate search.  I was at Inman Connect in New York last week as well, and it appears that not only did we share a few drinks, we also shared some of the same speaker “takeaways” in terms of the dynamics of portals and agents in the online arena. What we didn’t share was the same reaction to the speakers’ positions.  By and large, the message was “Portals have already won search.  Stop trying to … Read More »

Thinking about Real Estate Search: Have the Portals Already Won?

by Drew Meyers on 6:38 pm

There was a lot of talk last week about search last week in New York at Inman Connect. From my discussions (both at the conference and recent offline conversations I’ve had over phone/email), the overwhelming majority of agents and brokers do not plan to try to compete in the search game with the portals (Zillow/Trulia/ And certainly not in the mobile search game. Here is the search landscape we live in, as I see it… 1. A “decent” web search is the cost of doing … Read More »

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