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Tag Archives: real estate startup ideas

Tinder for … Agents?

by Drew Meyers on 4:03 am September 8, 2014

There is a Tinder for virtually every industry. Including real estate. What about a Tinder for Real Estate Agents? This would be a drop dead simple app to design and build, as it would need only about 5 total screens. What would the primary screens contain? Primary summary screen: Name, small photo, average response time, count of mutual friends, area of expertise Available Actions: Swipe right, swipe left, more details Full agent details screen: Name, photo, average response time, mutual friends, mutual likes, testimonials, short bio, area … Read More »

The Next Big Opportunity: Agent Reviews…and Trust

by Drew Meyers on 6:03 am February 4, 2014

Search is a lost cause (IMHO), at least for the industry. Just like it took outsiders like Zillow & Trulia to overtake, it’ll likely take another outsider to make a serious run at Zillow & Trulia sometime down the line. So, what’s the next opportunity the industry will be fighting to win? Buyers find a listing, and then they need what? An agent. What do consumers really want to know? Who to trust. That’s the reason people largely use a friend or a friend … Read More »

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