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Tag Archives: real estate wordpress

Latest WordPress Statistics

by Drew Meyers on 8:38 pm August 23, 2011

The latest numbers from WordPress are out: 14.7% of the entire web (top 1 million sites) are running on WordPress 22 of every 100 new active domains are running on WordPress If you’re still on a proprietary platform build in the 1990’s — are the latest figures enough proof that WordPress is the future? There is simply no more cost effective platform to be on. I created a landing page on Virtual Results detailing why it makes sense to migrate to WordPress that you can … Read More »

2 WordPress Plug-Ins That Will Transform Your Website

by Joshua Ferris on 10:02 pm September 9, 2009

WordPress is full of great plug-ins, as many owners of full WordPress sites can attest, but some are definitely more valuable than others. At any given time my real estate website is running 10-15 plug-ins but my two newest additions really stand out. Sidebar Countdown Plug-in – There are a lot of opportunities to use a countdown plug-in on your site. First, you can use it to create urgency as home buyers visit your website and see the $8,000 home buying tax credit slipping away … Read More »

7 Lessons I Learned From My Real Estate Site Redesign

by Joshua Ferris on 2:30 pm August 24, 2009

There is a lot to be said about how to design a website and what works best for which industries. You can get design advice from eye tracking experts, your Mom and your co-workers but the simple fact is testing and trial and error are the best ways to hammer out a new design. Since starting my first real estate site a couple years back I tend to change my site design every six months or so trying to improve visitor conversion rates and usability. … Read More »

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