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Naked Apartments Acquired by Zillow

by Drew Meyers on 10:23 am February 3, 2016

I just saw the news that Zillow Group acquired Naked Apartments for $13 million in cash. Zillow is definitely investing heavily in rentals. Current renters are tomorrow’s buyers, and they obviously realize it’s cheaper to acquire that traffic ahead of the pack rather than compete for it when they are actually ready to buy (when everyone else is bidding on it too). I still believe Zillow’s biggest competitor in rentals long term will be a very unexpected player, not really in the real estate industry at all currently: AirBnB. (I’ve … Read More »

Improving The Rental Process with Social Context

by Drew Meyers on 4:45 pm December 2, 2011

We don’t spend much time covering the rental market here on Geek Estate, though clearly it’s a significant chunk of business for many agents in markets like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. This post on AG got me thinking about rentals a few days ago. I’ll admit I haven’t done extensive research, but I don’t think anyone has solved the rental market with a GREAT solution for renters. At least not for renters like me. What’s missing? SOCIAL context. Say I want to move … Read More »

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