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Tag Archives: socially conscious real estate brokerage

How to Build Local Expertise With the Help of Your Clients

by Drew Meyers on 1:45 pm May 17, 2016

Lets make the assumption you want your brokerage/franchise to be viewed as the local expert for the areas you serve. (let’s be honest: what agent DOESN’T want to be the local expert?) Lets make the assumption you buy into the long term lead generation concept/strategy I outlined last week. Let’s also assume you have the technology (either via StreetAdvisor, or the money and know-how to build it yourself) to execute the strategy. Assuming all of that is true — how, exactly, would you go about … Read More »

Q&A With Robin Leigh of Certified Charitable Giving Alliance

by Drew Meyers on 8:00 am February 5, 2016

Another company I spoke with while in New York last week at Inman Connect’s Startup Alley was the Certified Charitable Giving Alliance (CCG Alliance). I spoke with co-founder and CEO, Robin Leigh, for a few minutes and learned a bit about her mission and organization. Since it’s not exactly a secret I’m a fan of anything in the social good space (see this), I asked her to answer a few questions and she obliged. Her answers are below… What do you do? The CCG Alliance™ creates and … Read More »

Do Good Real Estate

by Drew Meyers on 9:42 am October 12, 2013

I’ve been promoting socially conscious agents/brokerages recently (& here), and here is another one (referenced in Brian’s post yesterday). Do Good Real Estate, out of Wilmington… Wilmington NC Real Estate Company – Making an Impact! Do Good Real Estate is a homegrown, socially minded realty company focused on delivering a “feel good” client experience that no one else offers. Quality, Transparency & Giving back come standard. As part of our mission to “Make an Impact” we contribute 10% of our gross commissions to local charities in Wilmington, NC and Wrightsville Beach … Read More »

The Socially Conscious Broker (or Agent)

by Drew Meyers on 6:30 am July 29, 2013

Those that know me, know I care a lot about doing something that matters. Where you are born shouldn’t decide whether you live or die. I live an extremely privileged life, as do you (I wrote that post 6 years ago). So, given I’ve been in the industry since 2005 but never sold an actual home – it probably comes as no surprise that I’ve thought a lot about the possibility of starting a “socially conscious” real estate brokerage (though I chose to start Oh Hey World / Horizon … Read More »

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