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Teams, Leads, and the Long Term

Brian mentioned a theme I’ve been thinking about:

I also wonder if the very efficiency that makes teams work right now is also a long-term weakness. The rainmaker/buyer agent/TC pod fueled by online leads captured, scored, routed, incubated and dripped upon can be a lean, mean machine.

A machine that could be replaced.

It strikes me that the old-school top producer — a referral-driven creature dependent on a smile more than systems — may be more enduring in an age where artificial intelligence and machine learning seem poised to vanish millions of jobs.

I simply could not agree more. The minute a team stops paying, is the day the whole business grinds to a halt. That entire online lead volume is one competitor outbidding you away from going up in smoke.

Franchises, brokers, and teams really should be thinking about — and investing in — differentiated long term lead generation tools/assets/strategies that don’t go away (read here). In fact, costs of lead acquisition should actually get better and cheaper as time goes on if you make the right investments — as opposed to the alternative of rising acquisition costs via paid channels.

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