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The Power of Focus and Execution

Social media is not easy, nor is it free. Time is money..and social media requires a ton of time on a specific platform if you want to see your investment payoff. And that’s precisely why so many fail. Either, A) they don’t put in the time needed to succeed or B) they put in the time, but spread themselves too thin across too many platforms to succeed with any of them. But articles like THIS start to happen once you focus on mastering a specific platform and execute on that focus (rather than trying to do everything at once). And, yes, a favorable mention by Chris Brogan is certainly a win for any brand — and I assure you Corcoran’s long term SEO efforts stand to improve as a result. Corcoran Group has consistently been mentioned as a great example of a business succeeding with FourSquare for quite awhile. They masted the FourSquare platform — and now they’ve branched out to the next platform and are getting exposure for their use of Google Plus.

What platform have you mastered? Or are you trying to be all things to all people, on all platforms?

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