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Trulia vs Zillow – Home Page Design Differences

I just spent a few minutes taking a look at the home page of both Zillow (my former employer) and Trulia. As a shareholder of Zillow, I’m always curious what their main competitor, Trulia, is doing and how they are publicly positioning themselves.

As you know, Zillow’s entire home page is 100% focused on getting people to search. And I agree with Joel’s recent post on 1000watt that Zillow is consciously moving away from the Zestimate in its branding. One interesting find when comparing the two home pages is that Trulia is moving in the opposite direction — “Estimates” are now highlighted on their home page (I’m not sure when the Estimates upsell was added, but guessing March 15th).


Tag line: Find a Home. Get the Local Scoop.


Tag line: Your Edge in Real Estate

Aside from that, the main difference seems to be that Trulia is highlighting a wide range of features (like crime and school info, useful tips, mobile, an advertisement, and real time real estate stats) on their home page. Yet, in my opinion, everything below the fold is really just noise. I’d be curious what percentage of their home page traffic uses their search call to action versus clicks on anything else. I would bet it’s 70-30? Something tells me they will go to a more minimalistic home page design soon.

Do you think a focus on estimates is the right strategic move for Trulia leading up to their planned IPO? Do you think Trulia is going to backtrack on this branding move toward estimates?

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  • I’m very curious about the “search” options from a consumer standpoint. Trulia allows you to customize the search from the homepage with price, beds/baths. sqft, and property type. Zillow simply pushes you through by asking for one criteria (which can be customized later after the product launches). – From what we’ve been discussing lately on this blog it seems the Zillow method makes more sense, at least in regards to search. It’s powerful because you only need to type in one item on the homepage. At first glance, this is valuable because the consumer “buys in” to the product and customizes later as needed. I’m leading myself to believe that Trulia gets more bounce off the homepage than Zillow, at least from consumers who start at the homepage. In contrast, it may be confusing for some users to get through Zillow’s homepage because of how minimal it is.

    As far as the variety of features that Trulia is offering, it seems to be in line with their tag “Get the local scoop”. Perhaps this is the area in which they are aiming to differentiate from Zillow, by offering more dialed-in local content/tools.For the second question regarding Trulia’s move to include estimates – I’m not a fan of these features as a real estate broker, however, this is an extremely popular feature among consumers. Most just absolutely love it and I hear references to Zestimates and tax estimated values constantly. It seems they are just trying to keep up with the competition and I agree with the move from that standpoint. I wish both companies would just drop the gimmick and allow real estate agents to perform this function.

  • Agreed with Greg on most points. Zillow gets tons of repeat traffic by getting a consumer’s address and emailing them updates of their zestimate.  Trulia’s just saying “We have one, too,” because most consumers don’t know that yet. 

    Zillow’s search is more intuitive and probably more useful for the casual real estate consumer.  A more focused buyer (i.e. one closer to buying a home) would probably prefer the immediate options on the Trulia search with more refined results.  Still, Zillow’s will probably drive more page views/lower bounce rates by getting the user into the map quickly and offering more features from there.

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  • Chaloper

    Do you know wich web design company made Zillow?

    • They do their design in house, at least as far as I know

  • Marcia

    Just stumbled upon your blog and decided to read it. When I started looking for homes in a variety of places in CA, I tried both Zillow and Trulia. I found myself spending more time at Trulia as days passed. I don’t care for Zillow’s website at all and find Trulia’s easier to navigate. Just my opinion, as your blog is yours. Thanks for the info about both sites.

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