Taking a look at blogs around the internet there’s really one factor that sets the good ones apart from the bad, and that’s simply the depth of discussion on the content (posts) on that blog. Beyond the content on the blog itself, the template, et. al., there are a couple of simple plugins that can really encourage good comments and discussions.

I’m in luv with, well you guess it, Comment Luv. As an avid blogger, I enjoy getting feedback and comments from visitors; it tells me what I’m doing right, what I could do better and of course, comments provide a forum for discussion and the voicing of ideas.

I like to give back to frequent visitors and fellow bloggers that contribute meaningfully to discussions on topics; those visitors that I find the most witty and interesting I’ll including in my blog’s blogroll as a way of saying, “right on man, you rock.”

Comment Luv is a plugin that helps me give back a little to the bloggers that comment on my website by adding a little link to the bottom of their comment with their last blog post. Pretty exciting, huh? Here’s a snapshot of Comment Luv in action (courtesy of Comluv.com):

screenshot-2 (1)

I definitely don’t think Comment Luv should be used as a means of enticing visitors to comment on your blog, but I do think that a good comment deserves some link love. Here’s a look at the Comment Luv back end:


If you get a chance, check this bad-boy out; Here’s a link to where you can download and install the plugin on your own blog: http://comluv.com/download/commentluv-wordpress/.

Another plugin from Comment Luv distributes is Twitter Link; now I haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon on this one, but it allows the visitor to merely enter their Twitter user name and, lo and behold, their latest tweets show up below their comment. Sound cool? Check it out here: http://comluv.com/download/twitterlink-comments/. Here’s a look at Twitter Link in action:


A great way to keep discussion going on a WordPress post is to separate comments and pings – have trackbacks and pingbacks in their own separate area, and allow comments to flow uninterrupted. Here’s a great plugin that can automatically do this for you without having to jump into your template’s source code: http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/separate-comment-pings/.

Hope the above plugins provide some help to all those bloggers out there!