Good Listing Photos Are Critical

According to Realtor magazine, it is the number one thing buyers are looking for when browsing your website.

When I reviewed some Hotjar recordings from my website, the thing that stood out right away was my photos were not at the top of the page, forcing users to scroll through some things that did not interest them as much to view the photos. I quickly moved the photos to the top of the page to eliminate that issue.

We allow all photos to be viewed while scrolling vs. clicking, as I feel users can view more photos faster while scrolling thru them vs. having to click to see each one. Our MLS allows 25 photos per listing. If a buyer focuses in on 5 listings, they would have to click 125 times to see all those photos. I bet no one has clicked that many times. It is annoying in my opinion.

I realize Zillow and others make users click to see each photo, but I still do not think that is the optimal method to display photos. Zillow also enlarges all the photos provided by our MLS, causing them to look blurry and unprofessional. I think it is best to show photos at their original resolution.

Do not crop photos. At our MLS they put their branding on each photo at the bottom. They said they are doing this to protect the photos from being loaded onto Craigslist, so it is required to show their branding. Ironically, the MLS’s public website crops out their branding, thereby breaking their own rule, but everyone else shows the entire photo.

If you have some website design tips related to photos, please share them in the comments.