Batman had Robin, The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Martin had LewisKobe/Shaq, Gates/Allen…the list of successful “TEAMS” is endless. They accended to the highest levels of their crafts and became “icons”, “inspirations”, and most of all very very successful (Rich)!

In Real Estate, the “Team” concept has been around for decades. Mostly husband and wife, mother and daughter, buyer specialist and seller specialist etc…so it’s not new in it’s conception, but hold on Mr. and Mrs. Smith (always willing to get an Angelina Jolie reference into my blogs, grrrr!)…now comes the “ultimate team in Real Estate…”Beauty” and the “Geek“!

As this industry continues to morph into, what I view as, a hybrid of “old fashioned” know-how and “new fangled” technology, it will be the teams comprised of a solid “Listing Agent” with practical experience & a “Green-Pea” or New Agent with skills like; Internet savvy (hate that phrase, but it is so mainstream now, I can’t avoid using it), web design, SEO/SEM, on line Marketing, Social Networking, Blogging, and many other Web 2.0 applications. This team will surely find itself “head & shoulders” (pun inserted there) above the rest now and in the future.

So Sonny, go find your Cher! Becks go find your Posh! Bill go find your Hillary! (or maybe it’s Hillary go find your Bill) and start achieving success in this “Brave New World” of Real Estate 2.0!!!

Agents: Stop, Learn, Listen, & Grow!

The Coach