The following question was posted by John Womeldorf at the end of his introductory post:

Given that Mr Williamsburg is my primary brand, should my primary domain be Or should I 301 redirect that domain to and simply redesign that site with the new branding in mind?

The steering committee has discussed the question amongst ourselves and made a final decision.

We’ve chosen the domain name to be the domain for the website redesign. Our reasoning is two fold. First, John would like Mr Williamsburg to be his primary online brand. Second, the domain already has decent page rank and his other domain, is not an “exact” match domain since there is an “s” right in the middle of it. From a branding perspective, it’s not ideal at all to have a domain name that someone won’t remember. Had the choice been between an exact keyword match domain & a brand domain, the decision would have been more difficult. However, the one-off keyword match domain is actually a detriment, due to missed return visitors incorrectly typing in the URL, so the decision was relatively easy.

We’re very excited to move forward with the redesign!

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