I was in San Francisco last week, attending RE BarCamp X and Hacker Connect, and, most importantly, socializing. Thus, the mastermind newsletter didn’t dive deep on one topic (like we did two weeks ago with IDX). Instead, I summarized the week’s takeaways.

RE BarCamp X was held in its original location. It was beyond amazing to see so many wonderful people show up, some of which I hadn’t seen for 7 or 8 years. I’ll be writing a longer piece on Geek Estate Blog sometime in the coming week or two, so won’t get too sentimental right now. That said, I do want to say THANK YOU RE BarCamp for providing so many memories and friendships!

From my time socializing and perusing the exhibit hall, a few companies that impressed me (there is additional context included in the newsletter):

Oh, and we had our first official Geek Estate Mastermind members breakfast!

Left to right: Ben Clark, Nitesh Mehrotra, Nima Niakan, Peter Liem, Erica Muller, Steven Wynands, Nima Wedlake, Brad Christ, Nate Smoyer, and Steve Mincemoyer (the hat in the lower right).

A few of the curated articles referenced in last week’s Weekly Radar:

The “for sale” sign gets its first major makeover in nearly 50 years in Fast Company. We’re definitely moving to a world in which today’s “luxury” is tomorrow’s “normal”. Their branding and presentation are certainly very Apple-esque.

What if People Were Paid for Their Data? in the Economist. This idea has a growing supporter base. I’m certainly not saying it makes sense right now. After all, how valuable of an incentive would Facebook paying you $9 per year be? Not very. That said, I do see opportunity to innovate in terms of financial incentives for your clients/customers/users.

Algorithm developed to predict the vertical growth of cities in dezeen. Can you imagine predicting future city skylines based on historical growth? That’s an extremely complex endeavor, but it sounds like there’s progress happening on that front in Spain.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Geek Estate Mastermind is two fold:

  1. Curate the world’s most innovative and diverse community of real estate creatives, doers, and pioneers.
  2. Make our members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies.

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