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In this week’s member newsletter (#27), I talk about morphing open houses into pop-up experiences. Think mini museums or charity showcases.

In the Industry Reads portion, I referenced Zillow-grade fever in The Real Deal. Are Premier Agents seeing diminishing returns? Some say yes. Just recently in a Facebook group I saw an agent canceling their sponsorship and seeking the most cost effective way to generate leads with the $3,000 per month previously budgeted for Zillow. The other big topic is pay to post. Zillow Group’s StreetEasy brand has charged for rental listings in New York since last year and started charging for new construction listings this year. That trend is going to continue into other verticals, geographies, and segments if you ask me. There’s too much potential revenue to ignore. If you have any thoughts or data on either of these topics, please do send them my way.

I also shared Hopper launches Secret Fares, claims shake-up of flight distribution. A quote from Hopper head of growth and business, Dakota Smith: “We are actually like a closed user group. Airlines can load these special rates into Hopper that are distributed to Hopper users via push notifications in a way that doesn’t spark a broader competitive reaction and war and price reductions across the web and in a way that is actually private and cannot be leaked, forward-distributed or scraped by their competitors.” A clear win for the consumer, this is a smart approach. There are many similarities between the travel and real estate industries; Secret Fares remind me of pocket listing dynamics. Those looking to disrupt the real estate portals stranglehold on buyers should study Hopper’s product and customer experience closely.

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