zillows-big-hammerThe Big Hammer (Google) may lighten up a litte bit on small Business Owners. Check this article from Search Engine Land — “Google Working On A Softer & Gentler Panda Algorithm To Help Small Businesses.

It states …Cutts explained that this new Panda update should have a direct impact on helping small businesses do better.

I am a small business owner and I was impacted by the Nov/Dec algorithm updates. What I observed  as a result of those updates:  Zillow dominated page 1 results (often with stale & irrelevant data). Further, their affiliate, Diverse Solutions (more on that later), had one or more IDX domains on page 1 as well – not much space left for the rest of us!

Although, according to the article, the update is still a couple of months away, I have already noticed more choice with address search results.

Are there any observations you can share in the comments?